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lolarose 03/02/17 9:20pm Category: Tips & Tricks

maintaining strength in final product

I've tried to create some objects using your material but the mycelium doesn't seem to fully grow throughout the substrate, leaving the finished object weak and easily breakable. Any advice for creating a more durable end product? Maybe the growth conditions aren't right, and the mycelium isn't growing enough. Or do i have to treat it with a resin or heat compress it? Thank you.

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on 06/03/17 7:18pm

I'm currently growing materials in London (my interest in the material is for furniture and product design) and I'm also interested in this thread - if anyone has any tips on strength/ mycelium growth and heat pressing. 

I can see from the ecovative films that heat compressing adds stability and elastic strength to boards - so I'm guessing this is one factor

also Temperature in terms of growth seems important (mine have been slow with low temps but heating room now) 

Many thanks
Susanna :)