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Susanna 06/03/17 8:06pm Category: All Things Mycelium

Mycelium and Ply sawdust/shavings

Hi there, I am working on some mycelium based experiments for furniture in a makers lab/space called Machines Room in London. We have a lot of Ply wood waste from furniture fabrication. I have tried growing mycelium on the waste shreds and shavings and it seems to grow well. (I thought it might not due to the formaldahyde and other chemicals present and possibly fungicides?) What I am now wondering is, whether anyone knows of any research into how the mycelium reacts with the chemicals present - do they get digested / broken down and made safe(r) (I'm hoping) or do they do something less positive? If anyone knows or has any leads or ideas - I'm all ears ! :D Thanks Susanna

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