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Photo sep 08  10 16 20
jeff 03/11/16 3:00pm Category: All Things Mycelium

Mycelium Events

The goings on around the world regarding mycelium and mushrooms

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Photo sep 08  10 16 20
on 03/11/16 3:03pm

Telluride Mushroom Festival

Ecovative's resident mycologist Sue went out last year (2015) and came back with some very inspiring stories regarding the use of mushrooms and mycelium in applications all over the world. From what I understand its a great event and if you are REALLY passionate about mycelium - you need to attend! 
Photo sep 08  10 16 20
on 03/11/16 3:10pm


An annual event sponsored by Microsoft and organized/created by Suzanne Lee - Biofabricate was in short, inspiring. In one event some of the most creative people you've ever read about in the synthetic biology and biomimicry fields are talking about what the future is going to look like. And its not just ideas, these are all practical examples of what biology can do to improve our lives. Meat grown in a petri dish, dyes from bacteria, furniture from mushrooms, 3D printed bone, too much to list.