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Photo sep 08  10 16 20
jeff 03/11/16 3:11pm Category: All Things Mycelium

Not just Ecovative!

Other inspiring people working with mycology.

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Photo sep 08  10 16 20
on 03/11/16 3:23pm

Paul Stamets - Fungi Perfecti. The one who started it all. Safe to say the impact of mycelium in the world today would not be where it is without Paul Stamets. Mycelium Running - if you haven't read it and your thinking for even a second about working with Mycelium - READ IT!!!!

Radical Mycology - Peter McCoy and his work with Mycology brings it down to a level that even me as a designer can understand. Anxiously awaiting his new book, will let you know how it is! If you are in the Bay Area - make it one of their workshops and let me know what you think! 

Coeio - Jae Rhim Lee - I mean does it get any cooler than a mushroom burial suit?

Mushroom Mountain - Trad Cotter's book Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation has a great chapter on how to incorporate mycology in the classroom. If you are interested in teaching beyond GIY - pick up a copy! 

Eric Klarenbeek - Designer of the Unusual! - I had the opportunity to spend a day with Eric and his partner after Ecovative brought him to Biofabricate in 2015 - I hope one day I can make the trip to visit them in the Netherlands - his work is really beautiful and pushing the boundaries of 3D printing with Biology. Watch the timelapse and prepare to be amazed!

Officina Corpuscoli - Maurizio Montalti - I have nothing short of a design crush on the work that Officina Corpuscoli has done with mycelium - we need more people like this in the world! The slime mold printing is beautiful!

 MycoWorks - Phil Ross has done some beautiful work with mushrooms - check out the videos that they did with Mazda Rebels With A Cause Community - really shows the capabilities of mushroom materials!